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Our Providers
All EAP plans include Master’s prepared clinicians, such as licensed professional counselors (LPCs), licensed marriage family therapists (LMFTs), etc. All EAP providers must meet our credentialing requirements, including background checks, verification of appropriate training and certification, etc. American Behavioral contracts with EAP providers throughout the United States, as well as having access to the provider networks of its affiliate companies.

We do not use quality, member experience, or cost-related measures to select providers for participation. However, to assess member satisfaction with our services, we make use of member feedback and surveys as part of the evaluation process. We use this data to identify opportunities for improvement, such as ensuring adequate and timely provider accessibility (for example, access within a reasonable driving distance).
*Provider is defined as a licensed professional who provides EAP services.

American Behavioral shall not be liable for any losses, damages, or uncovered charges as a result of using this provider locator website or receiving care from a provider listed in this website.

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